Ketogenic Dietitians Research Network

KDRN Newsletter – January 2020

Latest News

  • Congratulations to co-chair of KDRN, Kirsty Martin-McGill, on winning Clinical Nutrition Professional of the year in September 2019.
  • Matthew’s Friends KetoCollege is open for booking with early bird registration until 29th February 
  • 7th Global Symposium on Medical Ketogenic Dietary Therapies will be held from 6-10th October 2020 at Hilton Brighton Metropole. Early-bird registration closes 30th April .  Online abstract and poster submission from 2nd March to 26th June.
  • KDRN meetings will now have a Research Tutorial! In our November meeting, Kirsty delivered ‘How to create an abstract and #best poster’. Slides have been circulated. Please get in touch with any questions.

Plans for 2020

  • We encourage all members to submit an abstract to the Global Symposium, Support will be provided. 
  • Future funded KD projects on the way. Stay tuned! 

If you are a dietitian or dietetic support worker working in ketogenic-related clinical practice, academia or industry and are interested in joining the group, or collaborating with us, we would love to hear from you! We also offer Associate Member-ship for dietitians not currently practicing in ketogenic and for other healthcare professionals. Please contact us.


It’s been a busy year for publications! A huge well done and thank you to all involved!

Project Updates

1. Dietetic time (Lead: Bridget Lambert)

Project aim: 

  • Evaluate time taken by dietitians to implement and manage children and adults with epilepsy on a KD. 
  • Generate information to support future expansion of dietetic services. 


  • Submission for publication to European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 

2. Blended Ketogenic Diet Resource (Lead: Emma Gosling/Hannah Warn)

Project aim: 

  • To develop a blended KD resource for healthcare professionals and families starting a KD. 


  • Work ongoing on food lists and recipes. Matthew’s Friends to produce document/booklet. 

3. Sweetener document (Lead: Hannah Warn)

Project aim: 

  • To develop a sweetener resource for families starting a KD. 


  • Awaiting patient feedback. To be circulated for review. Distribution once amendments finalised. 

4. Renal stones (Lead: Val Aldridge)

Project aim: 

  • To assess current practice in relation to renal monitoring and treatment of individuals on a KD. 


  • Liaise with Val if interested in joining project. 

5. Pictorial Resource (Lead: Natasha Schoeler)

Project aim: 

  • To develop a pictorial KD resource for families starting a KD, in conjunction with Matthew’s Friends, Daisy Garland, Ketocare, Vitaflo and Nutricia. 


  • Patient and Public Involvement survey to obtain feedback on proposed resource, shared by Matthews Friends, KDRN Twitter etc. 

Upcoming Projects

1. KD National Registry (Lead: Natasha Schoeler)

Project aim: 

  • To look for common factors associated with KD response to allow better selection of candidates. 
  • To recognise specific patient groups for potential future diagnostic, therapeutic and research studies. 


  • Initial pilot study to include prospective data collection across services. 

2. Growth on KD (Lead: Natasha Schoeler & Zoe Simpson)

Project aim: 

  • Audit to assess impact of KD growth in children on a KD at GOSH. 


  • Data collection underway. Future collaboration with Manchester and Cambridge. 

3. Delphi survey (Lead: Zoe Simpson)

Project aim: 

  • To establish consensus on KD management. 


  • Initial questionnaire to explore what the MDT would like to include. Huge project that will require funding, so watch this space… 

Lipids on KD (Lead: Kirsty Martin-McGill, Natasha Schoeler, Victoria Whiteley)

Project aim: 

  • Undertake an audit to establish the impact of KD on lipids at GOSH and Manchester Children’s. 


  • Project development ongoing. 

Volunteers Welcome!

Please contact us if you would like to get involved with any of our projects. Collaborations are invaluable for gaining research experience and building relationships with other KD centres.

KDRN Twitter & Webpage

KDRN has joined the Twitterati!


Goal: To shout about the great work of KDRN! Social media policy agreed at November meeting. All posted content should reflect KDRN’s vision and values. 

Administrators: Kirsty Martin McGill, Jen Carroll & Emma Gosling 

GET INVOLVED by following and retweeting

Webpage Update

Goal: To shout about the great work of KDRN, increase engagement & manage membership. Massive ongoing project to populate with content and build functionality – Well done Hannah Taylor for getting us this far! 

Administrators: Hannah Taylor, Jen Carroll & Jana Sremankova 

GET INVOVLED by sending content or ideas to Hannah, Jen or Tracy


1. CORE-KDT (Lead: Jen Carroll)

Project aim: 

  • Develop a core outcome set in partnership with expert health care professionals and researchers in the clinical area, parents and carers. 


  • Recruitment in progress for qualitative interviews; thank you to all involved in advertising the study. 

2. KD Cochrane review (Lead: Kirsty Martin-McGill) & SIGN Guidelines (Helen Grossi/Janette Buttle)


  • Cochrane review has been updated and now includes a meta-analysis for adults and paediatrics. To be published early 2020. 
  • 4 pages dedicated to KDs proposed in SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) guidance. 
  • Launched in Scottish parliament in October. To be published imminently. 
  • Well done to all for flying the KD flag! 

Project ideas WELCOME!

Please contact us if you have any ideas for projects.